Wine list

Red wine

Montepulciano d’ambruzzo 0,75l D.O.C. Abruzzi – dry wine Fattoria Guiseppe Savini, Italy 400 Kč
Dry, refreshing and a casual wine for everyday drinking. 
Zesty bouquet resembling ripe blackberries and cherries.
Nero d’Avola 0,75l D.O.C. Sicilia – dry wine Vignali Roccamena, Italy 450 Kč
Dry wine with intense ruby red color and a nose of ripe red fruit. 
Hints of vanilla and black cherries, full and long lasting finish.
Chianti clasicco 0,75l D.O.C.G. Toscana – dry wine Famiglia Falorni, Italy 650 Kč
Grapes used for this wine are from the best area of wine production. 
This wine has a deep ruby color and intense, yet balanced bouquet. 
Full creamy taste.
Merlot 0,75l D.O.C.Veneto – dry wine Vini S.Osvaldo, Italy 400 Kč
Wine has a specific color, pleasant nose and velvet tannins.
Cabernet Sauvignon 0,75 – dry wine Vinařství Šabata, Morava  400 Kč
Dry wine with a typical Cabernet color. Fruity nose, with a 
outstanding taste and soft tannins. 


white wine

Gavi D.O.C.G. Piemonte 0,75l Vini Grimaldi, Italy 550 Kč
Wine made from Cortese grape, which is found on the famous hills of Gavi. 
Color of light straw color with a green undertone. This wine has a fruity 
nose, dry and refreshing taste and a long finish.
Chardonnay 0,75l I.G.T. Veneto – dry wine Vini S.Osvaldo, Italy 400 Kč
This wine has a light yellow and sometimes even light shades of green color. 
It is fresh and fruity with both aroma and taste. 
Pálava 0,75l – semi sweet Vinařství Šabata, Morava 450 Kč
Semi-dry, intense aromatic wine with flowery nose of roses and well
balanced sweet taste and hints of piquant acidity.
Sauvignon 0,75l – dry Vinařství Šabata, Morava 400 Kč
Intense aromatic wine with flowery nose of roses and well 
balanced sweet taste and hints of piquant acidity.
Rulandské šedé 0,75l – dry wine Vinařství Zapletal, Morava 400 Kč
Wine with a citrusy aroma, golden in color. A soft and 
characteristic smell and taste of honey and oranges.
Ryzlink Vlašský 0,75l – dry wine Turold Mikulov, Morava 450 Kč
Wine with golden color, Full taste of minerals and a lovely sweet end. 
Chardonnay 0,75l – semi sweet Kubata Vinum Ipsum, Morava 350 Kč
Wine created by purposely late harvest of its grapes. 
Wine with fruity aroma and taste, with a sweet finish.


Sparkling wine

Prosecco D.O.C. Veneto Extra dry 0,75l  Ca’ del sette S.r.l., Italy 450 Kč
Prosecco from the area of Vicenza, grape Glera. It has a light yellow 
color and a very attractive nose of flowers and fruits. Well balanced.
Prosecco Demi sec D.O.C. 0,75l  Montelvini, Italy 400 Kč
Very refreshing Prosecco with light yellow color, fruity aroma and 
tasting notes. Goes well with selected Italian cuisine. Great to enjoy 
for both a romantic evening, or a casual occasion. 

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