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Wine / Vini

0,25 l Pinot Grigio – Garganega igt Veneto
Vino bianco
65 CZK (2.6 €*)
0,5 l Pinot Grigio – Garganega igt Veneto
Vino bianco
130 CZK (5.2 €*)
0,25 l Merlot
Vino rosso
65 CZK (2.6 €*)
0,5 l Merlot
Vino rosso
130 CZK (5.2 €*)
0,25 l Lambrusco rosso dolce 70 CZK (2.8 €*)
0,5 l Lambrusco rosso dolce 140 CZK (5.6 €*)
0,25 l Lambrusco bianco frizzante 70 CZK (2.8 €*)
0,5 l Lambrusco bianco frizzante 140 CZK (5.6 €*)
0,15 l Prosecco extra dry 65 CZK (2.6 €*)
0,25 l Aperol Spritz
Aperol Spritz
85 CZK (3.4 €*)

White wine from Italy

0,7l Pinot Grigio Lison DOC Santa Anna
Straw-yellow color with golden tints. The bouquet is generous and pronounced with delicate aromas of pear. On the palate the flavor is resolute and harmonious, full-bodied and with an appreciable level of sapidity.
240 CZK (9.6 €*)
0,7l Frascati Superiore DOC Silvestri
Straw yellow with light green hues. fresh and aromatic at the same time with a delicate fruitish aroma. dry without asperity freash with a strong temper
260 CZK (10.4 €*)
0,7l Chardonnay Goccia IGT Tenuta Santa Anna
Straw-yellow color with slight greenish hints. The bouquet presents fruity fragrances of pear and ripe tropical fruit. On the palate the elegance emerges, producing a mellow, fresh taste that confirms the traces of pineapple and exotic fruit..
350 CZK (14 €*)
0,7l Vermentino di Gallura superiore DOCG
Bright straw yellow in colour with a green hue, the nose displays an appealing bouquet, characterised by a pronounced smoky mineral note which gently twists towards aromas of acacia, pineapple and an aromatic hint of myrtle. It has a long fruity and mineral finish with a bitter almond aroma on the after palate.
380 CZK (15.2 €*)
0,7l Prosecco Cuvé Lounge DOC Astoria
Straw yellow in color with greenish reflections. Floral aromas, along with generous amounts of pear and Golden Delicious apple. Creamy, full, and harmonious on palate.
350 CZK (14 €*)
0,7l Pinot Grigio Valdadige DOC Santa Margherita
This dry white wine has a straw yellow color. Its clean, intense aroma and bone-dry taste (with an appealing flavor of Golden Delicious apples) make Santa Margherita’s Pinot Grigio a wine of great personality and versatility.
450 CZK (18 €*)

Red wine from Italy

0,7l Merlot Classici DOC Lison Santa Anna
The color is a bright intense ruby red with a touch of purple. The bouquet reveals fresh fruity notes that call red-berried fruit to mind. On the palate the wine is smooth and harmonious, full-bodied yet not heavy to drink, with a velvety tannic taste.
230 CZK (9.2 €*)
0,7l Negroamaro IGT Puglia Monteverdi
It comes from Negroamaro grape from Apulia. It has an intense red colour which gets garnet highlights with the ageing. Dry, well balanced and persistent in taste. The bouquet of ripe fruits and spices is complex and intense. It has a good body.
300 CZK (12 €*)
0,7l Primitivo di puglia IGT Monteverdi
A special wine with all the excellent qualities of the wines from Apulia.Intense red in colour with violet highlights. Velvety, soft and well-balanced in taste. It has an intense bouquet with hints of ripe fruits and Spices.
300 CZK (12 €*)
0,7l Cabernet Sauvignon IGT Mandrarossa
The color is an intense ruby red. The bouquet is aromatic, pleasantly fresh and vinous with clear notes evoking ripe fruit. On the palate the typical personality of the Cabernet Sauvignon emerges, a harmonious composition with an elegant touch of tannin.
350 CZK (14 €*)
0,7l Nero d Avola Mandrarossa
Nero d’Avola, the most famous Sicilian varietal, offers beautiful aromas of liquorice, blackberries and blueberries, followed by a medium-bodied, delicious wine with considerable character.
350 CZK (14 €*)
0,7l Chianti Classico Vila Cerna DOCG
Color-lively, ruby-red, tending to garnet with age. Bouquet: Delicate scent of violet and iris. Taste: Rich and elegant, with black-cherry and tobacco flavors. Supple tannins and nice acidity.
550 CZK (22 €*)

* EUR price may vary

White wines from Moravia

0,75l Sauvignon 2010 polosuché 0,75
Gold medal AWC VIENNA 2011,Silver Festwine 2011, Top 77 Sugar content of grapes reached late harvest category Wine with aromas of fresh fragrance nettles, gooseberries, black currants, which passes the spice-mineral tones. The taste is fresh, fruity, full with residual sugar. We recommend serving it with fish, chicken meat with vegetables, cheese or Edam type of Swiss
300 CZK (12 €*)
0,75l Rulandské bílé moravské zemské víno
Bright Light yellow color with a distinctive viscosity will enchant you at first glance. The taste will find a typical bread. It is a well-balanced wine.
250 CZK (10 €*)
0,75l Ryzlink vlašský cépage
Light greenish in colour, with a pronounced aroma reminiscent of green apples, this wine displays a good balance of acidity and residual sugar underpinned with pleasing minerality.
310 CZK (12.4 €*)
0,75l Pálava výběr z hroznů
The wine is light golden color, very delicate, elegant fragrance. Delicious on the palate, with fine spicy acidity, supported by a slight residual sugar. The harmonious taste and gently spicy. As an aperitif, with cheese with white mold, to lunch salads, pastas, to more complex soups and freshwater fish. Interesting to softer sponge cake.
320 CZK (12.8 €*)
0,75l Veltlínské zelené kabinet
The bouquet reminds medow flowers and hazel-nuts. The zest of this wine is full with attractive acids andoriginal spiceness typical for this wine variety in Moravia. Recommended with pastes sallads, turkey steaks, roasted fish and Emental type cheeses.
280 CZK (11.2 €*)
0,75l Rulandské šedé emballage
Color light gold, red grapefruit aroma, taste of ripe, full and fruity
290 CZK (11.6 €*)
0,75l Tramín červený moravské zemské víno
Delicate bouquet of roses Japanese. Golden orange color. The taste will find honey, ripe raisins. It is immodest wine that might impress everyone.
250 CZK (10 €*)

Rosé wines

0,75l Zweigeltrebe rosé pozdní sběr
The color of wine reminds raspberry juice, the smell is very intense, fruity and fresh, with hints of wild strawberries, raspberries and cherries. The taste is fresh, fruity and rich, with perfect and complete track of all the fruit bouquet.
290 CZK (11.6 €*)

Red Wines from Moravia

0,75l Cabernet Sauvignon pozdní sběr
Wine dark garnet in color, elegant nose of black currants and blackberries. The taste softly with velvet tannins, notes of blackcurrant and dark chocolate and a long aftertaste. Recommended with roast pork, pasta and a spicy sauces.
300 CZK (12 €*)
0,75l André pozdní sběr / Stříbrná medaile AWC Vienna 2010
Our domestic sort of wine has obtained popularity also abroad. The wine has dark ruby color with distinctive aromas of cherries and berries. Perception of taste does not lack a certain wildness, interesting acid and tannins refined six-month maturation in used oak barrels. Ideal for stews, venison steaks .
300 CZK (12 €*)
0,75l Rulandské modré kabinet /Pinot Noir kabinett
Bouquet of overripe raspberries, blackberries and black cherries is in taste supplemented by tones ofjam made of garden fruit and forest berries, with mild aftertaste of plain chocolate. It magnificently accompanies beef fillets on wine with rolled parmesan. It also excellent with a bowl of forest berries with fresh mint or traditionally with white cream cheese (cheese covered with white mould)
260 CZK (10.4 €*)
0,75l Cabernet Moravia pozdní sběr
The velvet flavour of very good ripe grapes, spicy bouquet of berries, fermented morellos and dry fruits with aroma of liquorice is completed with harmonic tanins. It should be served with venison paté, lamb cutlets on grill with mint dressing, forest strawberries and black berries with chocolate.
280 CZK (11.2 €*)

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