Welcome in restaurant Fresco Vento.


Our restaurant is mainly characterized by fresh produce, we have our own home made pasta that is processed every day on a special machine. We also produce our own fresh pastry every day. Of course there are homemade soups and starters. Every week from Monday to Friday we prepare an interesting lunch menu with soup and pastry, which changes every week. In our wood oven we bake fresh pizza from high quality flour, we prepare our dough, resulting in a famous homemade pizza for you. Every day we prepare fresh salads and desserts for you. All desserts we offer are homemade from our confectionery, including our fabulous tiramis, made up of Italian ingredients. Last but not least, we think of the smallest and offer children’s menu for them.

We, our nice customers, try to serve everything on a professional level, always fresh, so that you leave us
very satisfied and have enjoyed our kitchen prepared with love and kindness for you.

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