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Our Italian restaurant  – pizzeria  „FRESCO VENTO“ (from italian – FRESH WIND) is situated at the heart of Prague on the embankment of river VLTAVA with beautiful view of Prague´s history on the transport  crossroads PALACKÉHO NÁMĚSTÍ (Palacky Square). The restaurant FRESCO VENTO is easily available – next to the restaurant is exit from Metro (Subway) line „B“ – station KARLOVO NÁMĚSTÍ (Charles Square) – exit PALACKÉHO NÁMĚSTÍ (Palacky Square). There are 2 tram stops, 1st from SMÍCHOV (Prague 5) to the KARLOVO NÁMĚSTÍ (Charles Square) and the second one from PODOLÍ (Prague´s swimming pool stadium) to the historic Centre of Prague. There are also bus stop No. 176 from KARLOVO NÁMĚSTÍ (Charles Square) to the STRAHOV STADIUM (Prague 6). Parking is possible on payment zones on the KARLOVO NÁMĚSTÍ (Charlers Square), than in streets VÁCLAVSKÁ or NA MORÁNI (you can park from 30 min till 6 hours – 30,- Czech Crowns per hour, cca   – 1,10 EUR/h) and in the street POD SLOVANY (you can park from 15 min till 2 hours – 40,- Czech Crowns per hour, cca   – 1,50 EUR/h). Restaurant is famous as his name with the fresh raw materials and ingredients, own home production of pizza prepared in own pizza oven, each day fresh home pasta (spaghetti, fettucine, gnosi and the others) from first class italian flour, fresh salats. The restaurant is famous with the home made delicious TIRAMISU from italian origin ingredients. We also offer italian risotto, a full range of meat and fishes. We offer italian quality wines and for foreigners to taste wine from Czech and Moravia vineyards . From Mondy  till Friday  you can use the special lunch menu offer. Of course we also provide the service „TAKA AWAY“ – food, pizza and drink with you. The restaurant has part  for smokers and non smoking people.

During the summer months we offer the summer garden, which is very pleasant after the embankment walk under umbrellas with the view on the river VLTAVA.

For private Groups, Company meetings and the others opportunities as birtday, weddings, graduations, musical gatherings we offer after an agreement partial closure or total closure of whole restaurant with the fabulous staff.


Our Restaurant Team is looking forvard for your visit…


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